A clock repair course for beginners and improvers

You might be surprised how much you can learn in a weekend clock repair course.

Our clock repair course is intended to get you onto the learning curve. Apart from learning how clocks work you will have the opportunity to get the feel of manipulating clock parts. If you don’t have one. there are plenty of scrap clocks here.

This was a film made by a photojournalist for a competition.

Why are there twelve hours, not ten? and why sixty minutes. These are things we take for granted but the explanation is in the concept to dividing the day and the evolution of clocks.

What you will learn

Clock repair course

Learn how clocks work and why they sometimes don’t.

Nigel covers all types of mechanical clocks in a two-day clock repair course and there is plenty of opportunity to dismantle, repair and re-assemble.

Nigel is the co-author of Maintaining Longcase Clocks, and Clock Cases, their Construction, Restoration and Conservation published by Crowood Press: As a professional status member he was the secretary of the Irish Horological Craft forum. He offers advice on buying selling and collecting

Learn how to estimate when a clock was made by understanding the evolution of fashions in dials, hands, movements and cases.Learn something about the development of clocks from hand-made to mass-produced.

What you need to bring

You don’t need to bring a poorly clock but if you do, you might well get it fixed during the weekend. You can bring as many as you like if only to discuss.

At least you’ll understand what’s gone wrong and what’s needed.

What you don’t need to bring

Food (unless you have a special diet). Pepie provides delicious lunches and snacks at break-times.

Course times

We usually start about 9:30 and finish late afternoon but entirely personal choice (We usually like to finish by about 6:00 in the evening)

How many people will there be on the course?

Maximum of three per weekend.


€215 including all materials, lunches, snacks, etc.


Once you pay the course fee your place on your specified course is guaranteed. If subsequently you want to cancel we will fully refund if you give us a month’s notice. With less than a month’s notice we will refund if we can find somebody to fill the cancelled space.

If you want to change your booking date

If you find you can’t come on the date you booked, we will change your booking if you give us a month’s notice. With less than a month’s notice we will change your booking if we can find somebody to fill the cancelled place.