Online clock repair course

Welcome to Online clock repair course page. For the past couple of years, social activity has been limited so our regular courses at Clooneenagh have been postponed or limited.

This is an alternative to our regular weekend clock repair courses

It is aimed primarily at people who’ve been to clock courses here and want to improve and enjoy new skills at home.

online clock repair course
An early nineteenth century handmade Austrian quarter repeat clock COMPLICATEDThe advantage of attending an intensive course is in the way that it forces a pace without the distractions of normal domestic activity. A lot can get achieved in only two days of uninterrupted closely mentored practical work. Working alone at home may present a different set of problems and the explanations and guidance will be a little slower because it will rely on emails with questions and emailed replies (probably with image attachments in each case).
online clock repair course
1930s Enfield Clock Company – A basic hour striking clock (Picture of the case below)

The online course will be individualized to your own project clock and the advice, guidance and instruction you receive will be about that particular clock.

What you will need

1. Be able to take good quality pictures and or video

and be able to upload to a cloud system such as Google Drive or Dropbox. A picture editor is very useful Photoshop for image editing, cropping unwanted areas and changing resolution. It is available to download from 3v3soft

2. A project clock

– something not too valuable and definitely not a family heirloom – that will be for later. You can send me a few pictures of what you’d like to work on.

3. A place to work

– in a way that you can continue to self-isolate. It is best to be able to have a permanent work bench that isn’t the kitchen table.

4. Read up on the background

apart from books, there is material on the internet – Youtube can be worth a look but it’s not all good.

5. Some basic tools

– start simple but there are a few essentials.

online clock repair course

These are a few of the tools that you’l need for dismantling most clocks.

Mostly they are obvious but the group on the right with the green handle and the nest of “keys” is a mainspring let down tool.

Absolutely essential if you are going to work on spring driven clocks because it isn’t safe to attempt to let down mainsprings without using one of these.

You’d probably be able to find one on Ebay or even Cousins UK


online clock repair course
1930s Enfield Clock Company case – sometimes called a Napoleon hat

Time frame No particular start date – go at your own speed and at each stage, you will be sending or uploading material from which I can see progress and problems. Then I can give advice and guidance.

When will it start? – Any time but each participant will have their own start date and work at their own speed..

What will it cost? – about the same as our regular weekend workshop courses which also provide up to 20 hours of tuition for €215.


If you are interested in our online clock repair course just email