Webbing tacked into place

Traditional upholstery

We only do traditional upholstery which uses natural fibre materials, hessian, jute and horsehair, and double-coil steel springs. So if you have modern seating furniture with foam filling, we can’t help.

The methods and materials used nowadays  in traditional upholstery were developed in the early eighteenth century. The introduction of double-coil springs came a little later; They were developed in France and widely used during the reign of Louis XVI. Springs were introduced into English (and Irish) seating furniture after the French Revolution when French makers emigrated to London.

The seat is supported by strips of webbing that are nailed to the seat frame using cut steel tacks. In the English style of webbing gaps are left between the strips of webbing. “French webbing” has no gaps. Horsehair and other soft natural materials are used to build up the upholstery.

The result has a characteristic look and feel.

Real hide Leather Upholstery

or the right chair, nothing beats real leather . Its hard wearing and smart, even when it has got a bit worn

The covering process.

It all starts  with fixing the back to the chair frame and then working from back towards the front with the buttons.

The buttons are pulled down into depressions created in the horsehair stuffing.

The diamond pleats naturally form between the buttons.

Careful setting out and the best quality leather.

We prefer to use Futura Leathers Ltd products.

They have a wide range of colours and textures and because its good quality it isn’t too thick.

Irish Georgian walnut and mahogany carver

Pulling the leather over the front seat rail

Leather covered buttons create a look of sumptuous elegance

Upholstery Fabrics

After we have replaced webbing, springs, stuffing, we cover with a good quality upholstery fabric.

We recommend buying from sample books from reputable suppliers not off the roll a shop.

Check specifications including fire resistance and rubbing number indicates wear resistance.

Finished Couch

Natural Fibre Seating

Cane-work, Rush, Cords and Twines

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Upholstery Supplies

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