COVID 19 POLICY for Weekend Workshop Courses


If you have any symptoms or any of your contacts has symptoms, Please don’t come – Just let us know and we will rearrange your course.

If you booked before for a course that was scheduled for the lockdown period between end of February 2020 and beginning of July 2020, Please contact Pepie to arrange your deferred course dates

Numbers, Social Distances, etc.

For the couple of months after restarting in early July, there will be a maximum of 3 attendees for the upholstery and antique restoration weekends and a maximum of 2 for clock repair and chair/making weekends.

We will assume that everybody attending is aware of the protocols for self and social protection

Keep a minimum of 1 metre, and preferably 2 metres from others.

Keep clear of doors and areas of restricted space.

Observe recommended hand washing routines and cough and sneeze hygiene.

Cleaning and PPE

We will provide materials for cleansing surfaces as far as is reasonable in the workshop environment.

We have always provided Nitrile rubber gloves for those who wish to use them.

If you wish to use any other forms of personal protective equipment, you should bring sufficient for the weekend

Refreshment and Other Breaks

We have always sat together for morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. That cannot happen but we will provide refreshments through the day.


We cannot offer B&B at Clooneenagh House until the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted