Upholstered Buttoned Armchair


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Upholstered Buttoned Armchair

Upholstered Buttoned Armchair. The term, deep buttoned is used to describe the way that the stuffing is removed from the button locations. When the buttons are pulled tight, they create the characteristic pleated diamond pattern.

Here is a link to a Youtube clip that shows the essentials of deep buttoning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYzyK-K3098

Our upholstered buttoned armchair is generous in its proportions.

The height is 84 cms: the overall width is 81 cms and the seat height is 39 cms (without sitting on it)

It is often said that the Victorians invented comfort. Not altogether true, although deep-buttoning was very popular throughout the nineteenth century: Seating changed when gentlemen no longer wore wigs so the seating posture could be more reclined.

Traditional double coil seat springs are used to support the seat and when we re-upholster chairs we replace old springs as a matter of course.