Regency Mahogany Carver


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Regency Mahogany Carver

This classic regency mahogany carver is embellished with applied motifs gilded in 23.5 carat gold leaf: The turned and reeded front legs terminate in cast brass lion paws in the style of the English regency of the first two decades of the 1800s. (Strictly speaking the Regency was the period from 1811 until 1820 when George III died and his son, the Regent was crowned George IV)

regency mahogany carver

The heroic figure of the prince regent on the right by the artist Sir Thomas Lawence is at odds with that of, as he became, England’s most hated monarch

The Vitruvian scrolls of the arms are a typical neo-classical feature of the period.

You can find information about Regency furniture styles by clicking this link

The colour of the upholstery fabric is specially chosen for historical correctness and purple is characteristic of that period, especially in combination with black and gold.

This carver is a somewhat extravagant statement of opulence made at a time when Great Britain was close to bankruptcy as a result of the Napoleonic wars. It was also a time of economic revival being the golden age of canal development and the expansion of industrialization.

Regency mahogany carver

Life in Regency London


The chair was purchased by us at an auction house (Aldridge of Bath Ltd) which is located on the Lower Bristol Road, Bath UK: It had been part of a consignment from the estate of an apparently eccentric solicitor in the area.

It had been recently painted black with gold painted details (removed by us) and apart from some minor damage over the approximately two hundred years, it doesn’t seem to have suffered any major damage, It is now in a sound usable condition commensurate with age.

Height 99 cms; width 55 cms; seat depth 43 cms; seat height 48 cms