Mahogany Office Chair

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Mahogany Office Chair SOLD

We think this mahogany office chair started life as a commode. Those sorts of chair are redundant and this one was converted for use as a superior type of office chair, The work was expertly done and a buttoned hide leather seat was added using traditional upholstery materials and methods.

The use of mahogany in such chairs is out of the ordinary. Fine wood, with inlaid lines of (probably) sycamore, combined with the split cane back imply a higher than usual status.

Apart from conversion work, the frame appears never to have been repaired and the finish retains an original patina.

There are a few minor faults in the woven cane back; they have been there for as long as we can remember but one day the back will need re-caning. (We think the extant cane-work is original to the chair)

The overall style, we would describe as regency, meaning from the first two decades of the nineteenth century. The tapered front legs terminate in spade shaped feet and the arms are of a characteristic swept shape, often called “French” arms.

mahogany office chair

David’s portrait of Napoleon leading his army across the Alps

Curious that French tastes would influence English furniture styles at the time of the Napoleonic wars when England and France were deadly enemies, but that is a pattern seen widely in furniture fashions.

A similar French influence is seen in England with the fashion for Egyptian at the height of the Napoleonic wars.

To get a feel for life in regency England look for authors of that period, for example Jane Austen

So this is an office chair for the discerning connoisseur.

Very comfortable even when used for long periods. That’s one of the advantages of using real hide leather. (We never use cheap vinyl leather substitutes)



Overall Height 100 cm

Seat height 45cms

Seat width 57 cms

Seat Depth (front to back) 50 cms