A stylish Art Deco Armchair


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Art Deco Armchair

The Art Deco style appeared appeared after the First World War and continued until the introduction of Modernist in the post Second World War Period. This Art Deco armchair evokes that period – the post war age of PG Wodehouse, and F Scott Fitzgerald.

Up to 1914, the old order had prevailed, but the 1920s and ’30s were dominated by the changed, more equal society and a desire for domestic styles that reflected what was then modern life. Hollywood dominated and the masses spent a significant proportion of leisure time at the cinema. The glamorous images of ocean liners, motor cars, the Orient Express, cocktails, and the playboy lifestyle were reflected in the furniture and furnishings of the ordinary people.

The fan back has been taken from recurring Art Deco themes in furnishing and architecture. The wing-back style is rather older, having first appeared in upholstered chairs at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The original  purpose of the wing-back was to protect the sitter from drafts.

The Art Deco armchair

Occupied a place in the domestic arrangements of the “modern” household in the 1920s and 30s: It was a comfortable outward show of opulence within the limited budgets of the day and at the same time showed that the owners were “modern” or up-to-date people.

The Art Deco movement

Evolved from the earlier Art Nouveau styles to reflect the masses rather than the elite. After the 1st World War, attitudes changed and the biggest single influence on domestic styles was Hollywood. There is plenty of information about the Art Deco Movement on the internet Click here for an example.

Re-upholstery to Customer’s Specifications

We re-upholster this type of chair to the new owner’s choice of fabric. The cost of re-upholstery is included in the price of the Art Deco armchair.

We recommend good quality fabrics from reputable suppliers such as Ross Fabrics, or Kobe Interior Design