19th Century Oak carver


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19th Century Oak Carver

This 19th century oak carver could be described as somewhere between provincial and country furniture.

The level of exactness in the construction of chairs ranges from crude using the simplest of tools and techniques, to highly sophisticated – the realm of the time served craftsman.  The simple almost austere design suggests a country maker probably working in the Welsh marches.

Oak is a favourite wood for chair-making in the west whereas beech is preferred in the English midlands.

19th century oak carver

There are several European species of oak but the sessile oak is an unofficial emblem of Wales where it grows well and is relatively plentiful


Framed seats that use straw, rush or other natural fibres tend to be more typical of regions where broad planks to make solid seat boards are more scarce.

We don’t use cheap vinyl as leather substitutes. The drop-in seat has been re-upholstered using a good quality hide leather supplied by Futura Leathers in Rochdale.

You can find information about English regional furniture by clicking on this link https://regionalfurnituresociety.org/